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11th KYU
2 months
10th KYU
2 months
9th KYU
2 months
8th KYU
2 months
7th KYU
Green2 months
6th KYU
Green/stripe4 months
5th KYU
Blue4 months
4th KYU
Blue/stripe4 months
3rd KYU
Brown4 months
2nd KYU
Brown/stripe4 months
1st KYU
Red/White/Blue 6 months
1st Dan (Black)6 months

We run pre - grade Childrens karate class on the day of the grading. It is a specialist class for children who already have 3 silver stripes on their belt or children who are very close to grade and need a final stripe. The classes are aimed solely at giving our students extra practice on their grade work an hour before the grading begins.
This class has many benefits. As well as being a refresher on all grade work for the students, it also includes work on breathing, strength and focus etc. Other benefits include: last minute answers to any questions the student has regarding their grade work and an extra confidence boost to shake off any nerves. All very important for helping the student pass their grade as well as achieving a good pass mark. There is no need to pre-book for this lesson, just come along on the day. 

Grading Venues

All Karate students  must wear a clean pressed uniform (GI) (in white) with badges worn on left side of the breast of the karate uniform. grading for red belt 11kyu membership and insurance must be up to date

Students grading  for orange stripe belt 8th kyu must have their own sparing kit equipment. Students without sparring equipment will automatically drop a pass mark which could result in the student failing their grade.
Students grading for black belt 1st dan a heavy weight uniform (gi) must be worn.

No jewellery at all to be worn.

Kickboxing Students must wear the SAMA kickboxing uniform. Grading For Red Belt grade must Have Wraps. Going for Orange Belt Grade Must Try To Have  Their Own 16oz Gloves Once you get into your training it’s always better to obtain your own equipment ie: skipping rope, bag gloves, etc. (his will help you to train more proficient.)

Students may only take their next grading if they have served enough time & have 3 black stripes on their belt. All students will be told if they are grading by their Instructor. 

Going for Black belt grade, Student must show proper  respect and good manners, Minimum waiting for black belt grade is 6 months how ever Sensei/Senpai will make the final decision after passing the pre-grade (mock) exam.


Runs 3 Grading venues:

1) West Sussex Venue: Henfield Sport centre

2) East Sussex Venue: Manor Primary School

3) Kent Venue: St John's Primary School T/Wells

Grading is every 2 months, If a student misses a grading, they may take it at any of our other venues. Dont forget to bring your membership card that has up to date insurance, If you are a beginner then your membership card will be ready for you on the grade day.

Grading venues



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