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Sensei Asargiotakis Has been training for 22 Years with the Sama Organisation teaches hundreds of children and adults each week in sama south east (west sussex east sussex and kent)  responsable for for all the instructor with in sama south east,

And also running Kiickboxing fight nights and Ring-Craft.

A Message from me to all my students....."Train Hard, Never Give Up, And You Will Achieve Your Goals".

I am now working closely together with my eight Instructors and I take charge of the 1000 students who train weekly in Sama South East.

Sama South East is now a large part of the Sama Organisation. It spreads over East and West Sussex and into parts of Kent. This is a brief history on how it came about.

Sama South East first began back in 1998, where Sensei George Asargiotakis (at the time a 1st Dan student from Worthing), decided that as well as being a full time printer, he also wanted to persue his Karate career and become a Karate Instructor under the Sama Organisation.

Sensei began helping out and teaching in some of the classes in Worthing with Shihan Jacobs and Yondan Klus and started to gain lots of teaching experience. Several years later i started my first class at Upper Beeding school and St. Peters primary school Henfield. both classes was very successful, and i still run every week. Then I decided to expand the Uckfield area up into Crowborough and further into Tunbridge Wells and last of all Maidsone.

In 1979 started training in Jeet Kune Do. I trained  for 2 years till i had to serve my national service in the army.  after i finish my service army, I came to live in England. I first tried to find a good martial arts club. The only one I came across was the Sama Organisation. I joined up, and trained two or three times a week in the adult's classes under my Instructors Shihan Jacobs and Renshi Klus. I trained hard for four years, then graded for my Shodan – 1 st Dan.

As well as my training, I worked hard as a printer- supporting my family. In early 1996, I passed my Black Belt and carried on training and helping out in various classes for a further two years. By doing this I learnt alot and then began teaching a class of my own. I then decided that I wanted to become a full time professional Karate Instructor with the Sama Organisation. So with permission from Hanshi & Shihan I started to open up classes in the Steyning and Henfield area. It was in 1998 when I started my very first class, and it prooved to be very successfull. So I then continued to open up more. After about three years, I branched out and expanded into Uckfield in East Sussex.

Three years after opening Sama Uckfield, Crowborough and Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks & Maidstone area
My area has now been running for 15 years, and in this time I have trained many students from White belt through to Black belt 1st Dan and many of them are still going strong. In October 2006, I was awarded my Sandan - 3rd Dan, September 2013 I was awarded my Yondan - 4th Dan, and I am now a Senior Instructor within Sama under the Chief Instructors Hanshi Gibson and Shihan Jacobs. Both Hanshi and Shihan are highly respected and we are now one of the largest clubs in the UK.

Head of Area Senior Instructor:  Yondan George Asargiotakis 4th Dan