Sama Southeast Adults Karate: A Way of Life

At Sama Southeast, our adult karate and self-defense classes are more than just physical training; they embody a way of life. Rooted in the ancient traditions of Chinese philosophy and Okinawan karate, our classes emphasize not just physical fitness but also the cultivation of etiquette, health, and self-defense skills. The discipline extends beyond the physical, encompassing the harmonious development of body, mind, and spirit. Our approach to karate is holistic, ensuring that our training benefits all aspects of our students’ lives.


Discover our engaging and challenging training program that offers:

Karate lessons and self-defense skills: There’s a common misconception that self-defense and karate are separate disciplines. In reality, karate encompasses self-defense techniques. While standalone self-defense courses might offer immediate, short-term skills, they often lack the depth and longevity of learning that karate provides. With karate, you gain a comprehensive understanding of self-defense that becomes a part of your skillset over time. Remember, there are no shortcuts to mastering effective self-defense


How to Enroll in Sama Southeast Adults Karate Class

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Please Note:

  •    All sessions must be pre-booked online for your convenience.
  •    Beginners are welcome to book up to 4 lessons before deciding to commit to the required membership/license and uniform.
  •    On the day of your session, please arrive 15 minutes before the class start time.
  •    Wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise; we provide all other necessary equipment.
  •    Initially, classes last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Once students achieve their first grade (Red Belt), they are eligible to attend our 2-hour classes, available at most of our venues.
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