Booking terms and conditions

D2.1 T&Cs. The following Terms and Conditions must be read, understood and agreed upon by anyone booking and paying for participation in the advertised activities. The agreement is to let you know what to expect from SAMA Southeast and what we expect from you.

• Arrive on time for classes
• The karate uniform (GI) should be kept clean and in good repair
• Fingernails/toenails must be kept short
• Members must maintain good personal hygiene
• Please refrain from swearing in the Dojo
• Show care and considerations for others
• No eating or drinking on the matted area of the dojo

  1. D2.2    Participation

    D2.2.1 Register. Registration for SAMA Southeast is via the online portal, to access the adult / parent / legal guardian is required to register online – using the Join Us icon. This will enable the individual to create an account with Once this process is complete the individual will have access to book classes  and purchase annual memberships/licence, subject to availability.

    D2.2.2 Confirmation. On completing the booking process the individual will receive email confirmation of the provisional booking allowing full participant details to be entered. This will enable access to the newly created individual online account where there is the ability to check upcoming bookings, outstanding payments and make new bookings.

    D2.3    Trial Lessons. SAMA Southeast offer introductory trial lessons to ensure that the experience is right for the individual. A maximum of four trial lessons can be booked before full membership and uniform is required. All trial lessons must be booked in advance. If the individual is offered a trial lesson, they must confirm and pay for the lesson within 24 hours, If the student attends the class without a booking, we will have to refuse their entry. Missed trials cannot be re-arranged or refunded.

    D2.3    Membership/Licence. On completion of the 4th week of trial lessons all individual who opt to continue the SAMA Southeast training must purchase an annual membership / Licence and uniform. Fees are payable online and have to be renewed annually.

    D2.3.1 Annual Membership: Once an annual membership has been purchased the individual will be issued with a Membership Book (Grading Record Book),  a Licence and personal Insurance. As stated, all memberships are renewable annually.

    D2.3.2 Annual Membership Cancellation: Once you purchase Membership / licence fees are not refundable under any circumstances. No refunds will be provided for partial years on cancellation. Cancellation of membership is the account holder / parents responsibility to cancel before expiration date, Ones the membership has been processed no refunds will be given under any circumstances. SAMA Southeast reserves the right to terminate your membership at any time without notice

    D2.3.3 Annual Membership Renewals: SAMA Southeast will inform all members as to the requirement to renew membership accounts. Failure to make payment a t the date stated will result in the loss of membership, licence and importantly insurance. Without the latter the individual will not be allowed to train. No grading can be undertaken if the individual membership is in date.

    D2.3.4 Grading books: All individuals are issued a grading book, this is to be kept securely as it will be required periodically by the instructor including during grading. Failure to produce it at grading events will forfeit the opportunity to grade, lost grading books will be charged £5 for replacement.

    D2.4    Bookings. All bookings are made on line, parents are required to make the booking on behalf of all those below the age of 18 (child).

    D2.4.1 Weekly & Trial lesson: All bookings must be completed before the lesson, If the student attends the class without a booking, we will have no opportunity other than to refuse participation in the lesson. Please note that both Weekly & Trial lesson bookings are non-refundable or transferrable under any circumstances.

    D2.4.2 Block Bookings lessons / courses:  All block booking and courses must be made in advance of the events. Due to the forecasted commitment outlay of the club all block bookings lessons and courses are non-refundable or transferred under any circumstances.

    D2.4.3 Half Termly: Booking must be made before start of the term, Termly booking are non-refundable or transferred under any circumstances. Classes that payable per half term basis. Weekly bookings are not accepted when termly bookings are available. Weekly bookings are only available for beginners (Trial Lesson). Fees are calculated on a termly basis based on a 39-week school year minus bank/public, school holidays inset days and parents evenings. All payments are in advance for lessons/terms to ensure the booking is guaranteed for that term. Should you consider withdrawing from the club, you are required to inform us a half term in advance if possible. Some classes may operate with a waiting list so it would be useful for us to have some time to be able to organise filling the space vacated by your child. Please note we cannot offer refunds or transfer on termly fees.

    D2.4.4 Grading Bookings: Grading bookings can only be made with valued membership/licence. Once you booked your grading fees are not refundable under any circumstances. No refunds will be provided if you missed on cancel a grading. If we cancel a grading for any reason we will move grading booking to the next available day.

    D2.4.5 Booking Confirmation. All bookings will be confirmed by email to the address provided. Occasionally some email accounts reject the automated return, if no confirmation is received then individuals are to check their respective email accounts – Junk Mail. We are not able to change your booking to a different day as you already taken that space.

    D2.4.6 Booking over the phone: All bookings need to be made online using the SAMA Southeast booking portal, however in extraordinary circumstances we are able to help by taking the booking and payment over the phone.

    D2.4.7 Late / Failure to Book: Where students arrive at class where no online booking has been made, SAMA Southeast will apply a £1 administrative charge to cover the additional late booking process which removes the instructor from their principal duty. However, oversights and failure to book cannot be continual, therefore student who fail to book continually (events over 2 lessons) will have to be refused their entry due to the adverse effect on he remainder of the class.

    D2.5    Payments. SAMA Southeast use Square Payments Processing; through this we accept all types of cards and make no charge for card payments. If booking and payment is not received by the set date SAMA Southeast reserve the right to withdraw the booking.

    D2.6    Receipt. Once a booking payment is made SAMA will confirm the booking and receipt of payment by means of an email confirmation. One a booking receipt is issued SAMA Southeast are unable to amend the booking detail (Time or Date).

    D2.7    Cancellations. Once a booking is made SAMA Southeast will commit resources to the lesson, therefore due to this advanced financial investment we are unable to refund any lesson costs, however cancellations made 7+ days can be credited to the students account wallet for rebooking. The exception is for those Weekly or Half Term bookings which are cancelled 30 days prior to the session date. All cancellations -30 days’ notice will not attract a refund.

    D2.8    Extra-ordinary Lesson Cancellation. In the event of SAMA Southeast having to cancel the lesson due to circumstances outside of the control of the club will generate a lesson credit applied to the account wallet enabling the rebooking of a lesson for the student at a later date. No refund will be applied for these events.

    D2.9    Drop off and collection. In the case of Children attending any SAMA Southeast lessons, parent / guardians remain responsible for their children until they are met at the reception of the lesson. At this point our instructors will record the child’s attendance on the register – at which point sole responsibility for the child transfers to SAMA Southeast. Adult are not permitted to enter the lesson / remain on site unless specific permission is granted.

    D2.10 Medical Notification / Declaration. As part of the initial registration all those attending a SAMA Southeast lesson must complete the medical declaration; outlining all known diagnosed medical conditions.  In the case of children this is to be completed by the parents / guardian.  SAMA Southeast are to be informed if an adult / child suffers from any kind of allergy or medical condition or any other specific need the may categorise the individual as SEND. SAMA Southeast also require the following:

    D2.10.1 Everyone that attends must be in good health. No one who is currently suffering from, or has suffered from a contagious illness or disease within the last 28 days will not be accepted, disclosure of these facts if required are the responsibility of the individual, parent or guardian.

    D210.2  Everyone, in the case of a child the parent / guardian, must disclose if they suffer from any long-term illness, disability or cognitive condition.

    D2.10.3 Sama Southeast retains the right, in accordance with our safeguarding policy, to refuse any child if they believe it is in the interest of wellbeing of the adult / child.

    D2.10.4 All notification will be treated as strictly Medical in Confidence.  SAMA Southeast do NOT support any medicine administering for children, all medicines must be self administered.

    D2.11 Medical Intervention / Emergencies. As part of the registration procedure those attending SAMA Southeast lesson are required to sign, in the case of children their parent / guardian, to confirm that they are aware of and agree to follow our medical processes in case of an emergency. All contact details are to be maintained to ensure speedy notification. In the event of an emergency.

    D2.12 Liability insurance. The SAMA Southeast Public Liability Insurance covers all  membership students. All club members taking part in karate or kickboxing training must obtain a licence to practise, and this must be done within a period of not more than 4 weeks from the date they commence training. Members must ensure that they renew their licence on or before the expiry date each year.

    D2.13 Activity Dress. All Club members must obtain and wear a karate suit / Kickboxing attire within a period of 4 weeks of commencing training.

    D2.14 Loss & Damage. SAMA Southeast accepts no liability in the vent of the loss, theft or damage to personal property, or for any personal injury, fatality to a student unless caused by the proven negligence of the Company’s employees or agents.

    Sama Southeast operate independently of any school or venue used for martial arts training.

    D2.15 Anti-social Behaviour. In accordance with the SAMA Southeast Behavioural Policy at Annex D Appendix 8 to this Instruction, anyone who if found to be bullying other students or displaying anti-social behaviour may be requested to sit out the activities, they will not be allowed to return to the club and no refunds will be provided.

    D2.16 Consent. As part of the registration process, individuals / parent or guardians will be requested to grant consent as follows:

    D2.16.1 The individual / parent or guardian grants consent to them / their child receiving first aid and professional medical assistance should it be required.

    D2.16.2 Photographs may be used by Sama Southeast for future marketing material, should you not wish to participate then the individual / parent or guardian must declare this to the club. If you do not declare this it will be assumed, you consent to their image being used in Sama Southeast marketing materials.

    D2.17 Child Protection (Safeguarding). SAMA Southeast have a comprehensive Safeguarding policy which is outlined in Annex F to this Handbook. SAMA Southeast has legal obligations to report any suggestion of child abuse or neglect and will do so immediately to relevant local authorities.

    D2.18 Data Protection. To process all bookings, SAMA Southeast are required to collect personal details. All  information will be kept strictly confidential and secure, complying with all relevant UK legislation and GDPR policies and recommendations. SAMA will use email addresses and telephone numbers to contact individual / parents / guardians with information that relates to any bookings, event, incident or any other reportable content. Further direction / Guidance can be found in the SAMA Southeast Data Protection Policy

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually.
Sama Southeast takes any concern or suspicion very seriously and will act quickly and correctly following the procedure of the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board.
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