4 paid lesson trials are available before full membership is required.
LESSON FEES: £5 children / £6 Adults
No Direct Debits and No Monthly Fees!


Want to get fit the fun way? Try out a SAMA Martial Arts School near you, we educate all ages in the arts of Karate and KickBoxing, helping you to get fit whilst having fun with your new friends. Our lessons are also great for building confidence, discipline and of course they are a healthy social experience. Classes are £5 for children and £6 for adults pay-as-you-go and there is no obligation to become a member. If you want to try us out then simply look for a school near you on the lists below and then contact us via the form at the bottom of the page and turn up. Its that easy. Once you have contacted us a member of the team will contact you with a follow up call or email. Make sure to arrive to your class 15 minutes before we start to introduce yourself and wear clothing suitable for training.
We hope to see you soon!


We follow a strict N.S.P.C.C (child protection policy) which means parents are unable to stay within the school to watch.
Parents can stay and watch at evening or weekend classes if the venue provides a suitable spectator/viewing gallery area.


Loose comfortable clothing, Gym or P.E kit.
Equipment such as pads will be provided for our kickboxing classes.

If you wish to give us prior notice to join us for 4 trail lessons, Kids £5 Adults £6 per lesson before committing to purchase a Uniform and our annual membership please fill in the form below and we will be expecting you. If you are filling in the form for children this will allow us to ensure your child is greeted at the venue for an introduction and directions to the class.


Is the participant an adult (yourself) or a child you are registering? AdultChild

If you are the legal guardian for a child please enter the child's full name here:

Student Date of Birth:


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Student Phone:

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Discipline: KarateKickboxingBoth

Place of Training: West SussexEast SussexKent


Does the student have a disability: NoYes

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Has the student undergone any surgery in the last 6 months? NoYes

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Has the student ever been diagnosed with any form of heart problem? NoYes

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Does the student suffer from high blood pressure? NoYes

Does the student suffer from asthma? NoYes

Is the student currently taking any medication? NoYes

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Please inform us of the first date you or the student intend to attend. If the student is a child the reception area will be informed of their arrival to ensure they are escorted safely to the class.


I have never been convicted of any charge involving physical violence. I promise not to use any of the skills I am taught outside of the dojo (School) except in self-defence or life, limb or law and order. I will never provoke an attack in thought or deed. I promise to uphold the true spirit of the martial arts.
PLEASE NOTE: SAMA Organisation is a private members club. SAMA Organisation has the right to terminate any membership if the rules are not upheld. Students with special needs are advised to contact the head office for further details to ensure suitability of Karate or Kickboxing training. Whilst SAMA will do their best to accommodate individual needs the club instructors may refuse membership to potential students on the grounds of safety to students and staff. I hereby agree and confirm all the information I have provided is correct.I do not agree.


All information on this form is held in confidence by the SAMA Organisation. Occasionally photographs may be taken during training by our staff and may be used on SAMA Organisation websites, flyers or Posters. All the data you provide may be held and used as in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
Please select the correct option if you or your child do not wish to appear on such platforms: I allow this.I do not allow this.