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Join our dynamic kickboxing group at Sama Southeast! If you’re ready for a positive change and seeking tangible fitness results, look no further. Our program caters to a variety of goals, whether it’s losing weight, burning fat, toning up, maintaining fitness, enhancing strength and muscle tone, competing, or just enjoying an energizing workout. We welcome everyone aged 7 and above to join us. Why not take the opportunity to try it out?

Key Points:

  •    Sama Kickboxing is an integral part of the renowned Sama Organisation.
  •    We boast a team of full-time, professional trainers dedicated to your fitness journey.
  •    Our clubs are spread across West Sussex, East Sussex, and Kent, making access convenient for you.

Take the step towards a healthier, fitter you with Sama Southeast Kickboxing

About Your Training

Kickboxing combines the best of both worlds: boxing techniques using hands, and the dynamic kicks from karate, including spinning fists (though these may not be allowed in some tournaments). Our training is structured around a progressively developed grading system leading up to a black belt. Additionally, there’s an opportunity to acquire coaching qualifications.

Each training session lasts one hour and is meticulously designed to enhance various skills. A typical session includes two-minute rounds of diverse activities such as skipping, exercises, stretching, impact work on focus pads for punches, kicking practice on shields, shadow sparring, and stamina-building exercises, with rest periods between rounds. To keep you motivated and in rhythm, energizing music is played throughout each round.”


Our classes provide a complete body workout that is NON-CONTACT and set to HIGH-ENERGY music, creating a friendly environment with a vibrant social atmosphere.


For those seeking more advanced training, we also offer SPARRING SESSIONS as part of a PROGRESSIVE GRADING SYSTEM leading up to a BLACK BELT and BEYOND! This allows students to safely develop their skills while working towards higher levels of achievement


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Please Note:

  •    All sessions must be pre-booked online for your convenience.
  •    Beginners are welcome to book up to 4 lessons before deciding to commit to the required membership/license and uniform.
  •    On the day of your session, please arrive 15 minutes before the class start time.
  •    Wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise; we provide all other necessary equipment.
  •    Initially, classes last between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Phone our information line for your nearest class on:

01444 461 889

About the Founder:

Hanshi Alan Gibson 9th Dan, the founder of Sama Kickboxing and Head of the Sama Organisation, has been a pivotal figure in kickboxing since its introduction to Britain in the mid to late 1970s. A licensed fighter, coach, referee, and official within the Professional Karate Association (P.K.A.), Hanshi Gibson’s influence in the sport is profound. He has trained numerous champions, including a World Champion, two European Champions, four British Champions, and one English Champion.

He was selected as one of the official coaches for the Great British Kickboxing Team in Amsterdam and served as the chief referee for the British Heavyweight championships in Newcastle. Notably, he was one of the first in Britain to introduce a grading system, uniform, and music into kickboxing training.

The History of Kickboxing:

Originating in early 1970s America by the P.K.A., kickboxing evolved from traditional martial arts like karate. The founders, seeking a full-contact sport, initially faced unclear rules and no weight divisions. The sport evolved with the development of protective equipment, clear rules, and defined weight categories. The first ever full contact World championships were held in 1974 in Los Angeles, and it wasn’t until the late 1970s that kickboxing transitioned to ring bouts. Early legends like Jeff Smith, Isuena Duenas, Joe Lewis, and Bill Wallace became synonymous with the sport’s growth.

Kickboxing spread to Europe in the mid-1970s through the P.K.A. and was further popularized by organizations like WAKO, founded by George Brukner and later led by Ennio Falsoni. Today, numerous kickboxing organizations exist worldwide, each contributing to the sport’s rich and evolving legacy.Take action now and experience the transformative power of kickboxing with us!Renshi George Asargiotakis, 5th Dan



Beginners Join Us by clicking on this link: JOIN NOW  Please note: All sessions need to be pre-booked online. Beginners can book up to 4 trial lesson, After trial a membership/licence required to continue. After pre-booking your session turn up 15 minutes prior to the start of the chosen class. Dress in suitable clothing for exercising. All other Equipment is provided.

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